Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 31, 2016- week 91 of 100- "The death call" in Brazil!

Hello Family!

Haha, don't worry about not being able to email me earlier. 

So, this past week was pretty cool. I had another baptism with the most elect person I've taught on the mission until now. It was incredible to see her turn her life around and change so many things. She was already sharing her testimony to everyone before the 3rd time we went there. 

Also, we see her walk to the park every other night to read the Book of Mormon. Wow. Probably one of the most spiritual baptisms that I've had. I wish I could've hugged her after baptizing her, but I guess that can wait. haha 

Also, I don't know how it is with other missions, but here, when the missionary is on the second to last transfer, he or she receives a phone call so infamously titled "the death call". It's when the secretary calls you to tell you that you will be going home and to ask some information like what airport and what time you want to get home. SUPER TRUNKY. 

Elder Moss just got his itinerary today (is that how you spell that?) and so he knows all the details about when he gets home. Anyways, the date is set- August 1st I will go back home. Next transfer I will be able to tell you exactly when I will get home. 

Well, I'm trying my best to work hard and find more people to bring to church and learn about the Gospel. It's going well; just a few times where we sit down and think about life. The key is to keep yourself occupied, cause then you don't have time to think about home. 

I hope everything is going well for you guys. Have a great week!


Elder Collins


Division with Elder Driggs.



The youth of the ward all like her.

This crazy dude from the ward.

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