Friday, May 6, 2016

May 2, 2016- week 87 of 100- A cold P-day in Anhanguera area in Brazil!

Hey Guys!

Yup, can't wait to talk to you guys for the last time on skype while I'm on my mission. Although, I'll still have to keep using Skype to talk to John...haha So this past week has been COLD. So COLD. Seriously, like the title for your email, we are now entering Autumn. We go to bed every night with sweat pants, socks, and our hoodies. haha In comparison with Italy it's not even that cold here in Campinas, but the wind is killing me. 

I'm loving it here in my new area Anhanguera with my companion Elder Andrade. This week was pretty normal for work. We talked with lots of people, taught lessons, invited people to come unto Christ, and visited lots of members. I think the only things that was different was the sweaters we used every day. haha

So, yes, Mother's Day! I will be getting on about 14h here in Brasil, so what like almost 7pm at night for you guys? I might get on a little late too, as we will be eating lunch at a different member's house and then running to a different house to get on skype. 

Haha, I have 90 sticky notes left on my wall. Actually, something that I started doing a while back was, starting with 138 days left on the mission, I would read one section of the Doctrine and Covenants each day. I'm at Section 48 I believe. 

Well, have another great week! Only 13 more weeks!
Talk soon!

Elder Collins

P.S. My favorite scripture from this week was Alma 34:40-41. We all have difficult times in our lives, but we must have patience. The Lord promises those are patient, that will have their rest.

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