Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016- week 86 of 100- Entire mission conference in Piracicaba, Brazil!

Hey Everyone!

WHATT!!! I'M SUPER EXCITED FOR JOHN!! Seriously, I came onto the email and then saw everyone's emails in all caps- READ JOHN'S EMAIL FIRST, and then I knew that John had gotten his mission call. That's so awesome that John will be going to Las Vegas. I never even imagined that John would be going there, but that means he will be going to the MTC in Provo. 

So how is that gonna work out? Is mom gonna fly with him to Utah too? Or will you guys say goodbye at the airport in Orlando? haha Dang it. July 27th is like one week before I get home!!! WHYY??? Well, I'm sure everything will work out for John. Just know that I'm super excited and also he won't have to stay in the MTC for a super long time like I did. Also, packages and letters will be a lot more cheaper to send off. Haha. Also, something that I didn't get to do that he will is preach the gospel in our native tongue. I've only ever gotten to do that twice on the mission and in emails. John is gonna learn so much! Well, only two more weeks till the last time I'll see John until 2018...

Anyways, this week went by super fast for me! On Tuesday, we had interviews with President Canuto for the last time. It was great! President said he was very happy with me and thankful for the work I've done in the mission. On Wednesday, we went to our DL's house to stay the night so that the next day (Thursday) we could get to the Stake Center in Hortolândia and catch a bus that took us to the Multizona of the ENTIRE MISSION. Yup the whole mission was there. This has never happened, and so it was a historic moment. 

There was a lot of people there, and sadly me being one of the oldest didn't recognize half of the missionaries there. All so new! In total, I think it was 53 people who bore their testimonies! There was a lot of people going home! The group going home with President is the biggest group that the mission has ever had. I will be bearing my testimony the next Multizona with the new President- President Bangerter (I believe is his name). He even sent us a video of him and his wife introducing themselves and singing a song. It was great. I'm very excited to meet them in person. 

At the very end of the multizona, President and Sister Canuto gave their last testimonies. It was a very emotional moment. I'm so grateful for the time I've spent here in Brasil with President and Sister Canuto. President Canuto is a wonderful man and has shown everyone a love so great and appreciation so deep for every Elder and Sister that has ever passed here. He has been an example in all things. I will miss him a lot.

Anyways, also on Friday I hit 100 days left. I took 100 post-it notes and put them on the wall so that every day that passes, I take one off. Just a little trunkiness. It still hasn't hit me completely and I still do have a little ways to go.

Unfortunately, the lady that I was talking about did not get baptized last week because of some things, but we're gonna try our best to help her be baptized pretty soon.

Well, I hope all of you have another great week, and thank you dad for the reminder on 14 WEEKS LEFT ON THE MISSION!

Love you all,

Elder Collins

A bunch of goobers.

Me with President and Sister Canuto.

The American gang going home August 1st.

The Multizona

The Multizona

The Multizona

The Multizona

The Multizona

Some of the lovely folks here in Campinas.

The division between Sumaré and Hortolândia.

100 days left...

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