Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016- week 78- Happy Leap Year day from Capivari, Brazil!

Bom dia minha família tão linda!

So this past week was the transfers week which means it was a rushed week. Yes, I am still here in Capivari with Elder Harbison. We were with another Elder- Elder Schmitz up until Monday because his companion went home. He decided to stay with us because he already passed in this area and loves it. Also, he likes us too.

Yeah, I know! I think it's way crazy that I only have 5 months left! That means I have 4 transfers left (including this one). After this transfer, it'll be a transfer of 5 weeks, then two more of 6 weeks. Then I get back the 2nd of August! I feel like I'll leave after this transfer in Capivari and go to my last area for three transfers, but I'm not sure. I know President likes to transfer missionaries on their last transfer. But then again, President Canuto won't be here as he leaves one transfer before me. We found out who'll be our new Mission President a while ago. He's an American and his name is Howard K. Bangerter. That'll be a hard name for the missionaries here to pronounce haha.

We got a new District Leader whose name is Elder Villeda. He'll be going home after this transfer. We had District meeting on Wednesday with him and the other dupla. He'll be coming here tomorrow to do a division with Harbison. He's gonna do some baptismal interviews for some of our investigators. I feel like not this week, but the next that there might be another baptism or two in the Branch. We'll be working on that this week. We'll actually be going to this person's house tonight to have a Family Home Evening and make Cinnamon Rolls! That should be fun!

Well, that's about it for now. Also, I forgot to take pictures this week! Sorry! :( I'm always busy and forget to take pictures! I feel like it was a lot easier to take pictures in Poços de Caldas. I'll try and get some good shots for you guys next week.

Tenha uma ótima semana para todos vocês!

Com amor,
Elder Collins

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