Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7, 2016- week 79- A short email with a YouTube video from Capivari, Brazil!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry, this email is gonna be shorter this week. Everything's going great here in Capivari, Brasil. This past Sunday, we also had Stake Conference! It was pretty cool. 

I also spent most of the week in Piracicaba for many things, including a division, zone conference with President, the renewal of Elder Harbison's visa, and then the Stake Conference. 

I'm glad John was able to go out with the missionaries on Sunday. It's always real fun to take out the youth, especially the ones getting ready to go on missions. A lot of the divisions I've done with the youth are now missionaries themselves. 

Sounds as though everything is going good for you guys. I hope you get better Dad. Hopefully you won't have to do surgery. I will have you in my prayers and thoughts. Have another great week!

Elder Collins

PS Enjoy this YouTube video in Portuguese that includes President Canuto, mission president of the Brazil Piracicaba Mission and two other Elders (missionaries) from the mission.

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