Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016- week 77- A great week in Capivari, Brazil!

Hello Everyone!

So, as you all know, this past week was the last week of the transfer and this week starts another. I will be staying another one here in Capivari, which I'm totally cool with. I thought I was going to be transferred because the past 4 missionaries who have passed in Capivari, were all American and only stayed 2 transfers. Well, at least I don't have to pack all my stuff. That's always such a hassle. haha
Anyways, we had two baptisms! There was one of a boy named Kaike and another of a woman named Maria. We had been working with Kaike for a couple of weeks along with his dad and grandpa. His grandpa is the branch president's councilor and was also privileged to baptize his grandson. Maria is the grandma of the branch president's wife. 

She had already been attending church for about a year along with her daughter and granddaughter. She was always very adamant about not baptizing into the church because she had already been baptized. We had gone to her house several times to eat lunch with her and her family and had gotten to know her, but never really talked to her about baptism. A little more than a week ago on Sunday, the branch president's wife came to us and told us, with an excited outlook, that her grandma wanted to be baptized. We confirmed this with Maria and she asked us when we were gonna go to her house. We went that day after church. 

We marked her for baptism last Saturday and taught her within a week. We were pretty curious as to why she decided to be baptized all of a sudden so we inquired. She told us that the first time she went to church she was experiencing a lot of pain in her foot. She told us that after one time of going to church, the pain drastically reduced till she didn't feel anything anymore and it's been that way since about a year ago. She decided that that was a sign from God and decided to continue attending church. 

A little bit ago, she was talking with her daughter about baptism and that night, she had a dream that she would be baptized, and so made the decision to be baptized. On Saturday night, we had the baptisms of Maria and Kaike. It was a spiritual time and Maria kept telling everyone how happy she was. So that was probably the best day of the week. Also, the day of the baptism is always such a stressful time until the baptism actually happens. Then it's super gratifying and calming. Such a happy feeling is felt everywhere.

I think it's awesome that John has officially decided to go on a mission. Although I am a little worried that I will not be seeing him for probably four years. But, however it ends, I am glad that his decision is to serve the Lord. There is no better thing to do than this. As he mentioned, if he serves in the States, I may be able to see him in the MTC. All depends on where he goes though. haha

Well, we have a wide variety of lunch lessons seeing as we have lunch with members of the church pretty much every day except for Mondays and Tuesdays. It also depends on the age of the audience. Usually with family members and kids, I like to leave more interactive messages and involve them. We use the Book of Mormon a lot. I also bought a Gospel Art book to be able to help with lessons and messages. 

Thank you everyone for the emails! 

I love you all!
Elder Collins

Elder Bandeira went home today.

So, we don't have a baptismal font at our chapel.

Kaike and his family.

Maria and her family.

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