Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016- week 74- Brazilian hospitals, sick companion and more piano playing in Capivari, Brazil!

Hey everyone!

So this past week was not a super productive week. We had to stay home for a couple of days because my companion got sick with something. We don't exactly know what it was. That's one of the things that drives me crazy about Brazilian hospitals. You go there, wait like 4 hours to be attended, then they look at you, maybe poke you once or twice, then they'll prescribe a drug to you and send you off. It's actually ridiculous. haha Like you could literally be dying and people will die waiting to be attended. This is a real thing here. 

So, on Monday, we went and Elder Harbison got looked at and then given a shot and told to go home after waiting 20 minutes to see if he had a reaction with the shot. He actually got a little worse on Tuesday and had troubles getting out of bed, but he slowly got better with more rest. On Thursday, we finally went back to work, but taking it easy the whole while. 

There's nothing too new going on. On Friday, we had another Branch Family Home Evening activity, which it looks like they'll be having it every two weeks. I think it's a really good idea to help the Branch become closer and also to help the members introduce friends and family members to the church. We also met this one boy who is the son of a returning less-active member. The boy turned 9 years old recently and has shown a lot of interest in being baptized. We're gonna go there this week to talk with him and his dad about the possibility of a baptism this week or the next. We'll see what happens with that.

The best part of the week was probably Sunday when we had a lot of people at church and at our class. Usually we have like 1 person, but this past Sunday there were 5! That was cool! 

The funniest part of the week? It was, well, I don't really think it was funny, but just like last Sunday there was that little kid that came up and started playing piano with me. I was kind of annoyed because the mom wasn't doing anything so I wanted to like push him away, but I'm pretty sure everyone was watching me so I could only just hope the mom came soon to pick up the child. haha

Other than that, that was pretty much my week. Thanks for all the emails! Have a great week!

Elder Collins

P.S. Sorry I forgot to take pictures this week... :(

Multi-Zona Photo (from last week)

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