Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016- week 73- Lost, conferences, and piano playing in Capivari, Brazil!

Hello family!

Well, this week was a super busy week for me. I was in Piracicaba for 3 days of the week! Monday we had P-Day as usual, then on Tuesday, we were originally going to Piracicaba for our District meeting, but it was moved to Wednesday- 2 hours before the Missionary World Broadcast. The Broadcast was awesome. The main theme was "Teach repentance and baptize converts". We decided to stay that night at our District Leader' house- Elder Schmitz. Of course we did what we always do when missionaries stay the night at other missionaries' houses- We bought Pizza! Haha That was real fun.

The next morning we woke up pretty early to catch the bus to the chapel where we would have the Mulitzona. There were 4 Zones there- Piracicaba (my zone), Novo Piracicaba, Botucatu, and Rio Claro. We arrived right after the first prayer because our bus ran a little late, so when we briskly walked into the chapel I could see President burn me with his eyes. I apologized afterwards. haha

I don't know how other Multizonas are done, but here, it usually starts out with us saying our purpose, then a scripture from D&C that we always recite, then after all of that, we had the "Novinhos" or the Greenies from the first or second transfer go up and bear their testimonies. I still remember after only a week out in the field going up and bearing my testimony in Portuguese watching my trainer- Elder Holder- to see if I was saying everything correctly. Ah, how the time has passed so quickly. Then, our Zone leaders gave us a small training. When we returned, we had the Assistants give their training and then lunch.

I was so happy to see Elder Arnson there once again. Also Elder Stone. That dude is too much haha. When we came back from lunch, the old missionaries going home within the next two transfers got up and bore their testimonies. I always liked this part, but now it only gets me even more trunky because these are actually missionaries that I know and am good friends with who arrived on the mission only a little bit before me. It's still a strange concept for me to know that I only have 4 more transfers.

Anyways, after that Sister Canuto, Presidente Carvalho, and Presidente Canuto gave their trainings. Presidente Canuto talked a lot about effective planning and teaching.

After the multizona, we also found out that interviews were going to be the next day, so instead of wasting another 25 Reais, we were gonna stay the night at the secretaries' house and then go to the office the next day (which was really close) and then do the interviews.

My companion, Elder Harbison, and I were the first people to be interviewed in the mission on Friday. I told him about the ecclesiastical endorsement thing for BYU and so I need to get that done as soon as possible and then call him. We got home back to Capivari around 13h then had to go to lunch appointment right away, but then we got lost, and it was just so frustrating and exhausting cause we were out for so long away from our home.

Eventually, we found the house, ate lunch, then went back to our house to get ourselves properly ready. On Saturday, we went to go visit that one woman and her family and she's doing a lot better. She got accepted to go to college, so that's awesome! Also she went to church on Sunday with her daughters.

Yes, I do have a calling as the Branch pianist. I can honestly say I have gotten a lot better at sight reading. Cause that's pretty much what I do every Sunday. I don't really have time to practice playing the piano, so I just use the Lord's help and everything works out. This past Sunday I did have a toddler come and try to play piano with me during one of the hymns. haha

Also, these past few days have been SUPER hot. So yeah, the river has gone down a whole lot and it is no longer covering the streets and flooding the houses.

Dang it. Well I had been thinking that you had already sent a box to me and that it contained a journal. I guess I'll have to look for one here, but I really don't have the money to buy it right now. This past week, I didn't write anything.

Have a wonderful week everyone! Talk next week.

Elder Collins


The only Sister from my group (Sister Vazquez) is going home... :(

Harbison, Me, and Elder Stone (we've all been each other's comps)

Multizona em Piracicaba

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