Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015- week 39- P-day in Monte Mor, Brazil!

Hey Familia!

Thanks for the emails! Also, Happy Birthday to my brother John! 17 years old haha. I remember when I was that young...but now I'm not! haha This week went by super fast. I don't know why, but it's super crazy. So yes, the divisions. I believe that they're actually called "splits" in English, but I'm so used to the word "divisão" in Portuguese, that I just say division haha. Because my companion is the District Leader, and our district is huge (14 missionaries) he does two splits per week. That being said, I know almost everyone in my District pretty well haha. One day is enough time to see how well they teach, what their life story is, and everything I need to know haha.

Also, there is a meeting up in Piracicaba for all the leaders of the mission, so that means my comp will be going up there. Also, Elder Holder will be coming to Monte Mor for two days (his companion is the other District Leader of our zone). Well, I never thought that would happen haha. Oh well, lets see how that goes. But, my companion will be getting the mail for me. He's gonna take my 121 Reais up to the secretary for me. I will tell you next week about that!

Elias Fausto! Yes, so I did take one picture, but its not really good and doesn't show much of the area, but I will attach it anyways. It's another city about 25 minutes away using bus. We don't go there very often (we've gone twice) because the bus tickets are expensive and we don't have much money.

Hey! That's awesome that school's almost over for you guys. I remember how long school felt for me when I was there in Naples. It took so long! But now that I'm out and on my mission it feels like it was a little shorter than last year haha.

Yeah! You guys don't have to move off base. That must be a relief. I wonder if you guys will still be in Naples when I get back. My guess is that you guys will probably be transferred to a different place if you guys decide to try.

Anyways, have a great week and again- HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN!! I love you all!

Your son, brother, and friend,

Elder Matthew Collins

This is the Interior.

CAMPINAS!!!! (not my mission)

This one dude named Elder Basante (at Elias Fausto)

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