Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015- week 41- Received transfer to Poços de Caldos, Brazil!

My beloved family,

So, the results are in!!! I have been transferred!!! And.... I'm going to a place called "Poços de Caldas" WOOOHOOOO!!!! When I first got here on the mission, I looked at the map I have from the mission call packet and chose the areas I wanted to go to. This was my number one area. Haha, I'm super excited. My companion is gonna be Elder Chipana. I don't know if you guys remember, but he lived with me in Sumaré. In the beginning, it was me with Elder Holder, then the other dupla was Elder Chipana and Elder Murray.

Anyways, this past week was pretty good. I went over to Paulista and did a division with a missionary named Elder Stone. He's american and super chill. The past weekend, we had a Stake baptism service, where 5 people in our zone baptized. That was cool. Then, right after, there was a stake activity. It was super crowded, but really fun. It was "a Festa de Junino" It's some traditional festivity that they do here every year. There were tons of booths for hot dogs and popcorn, other food, games, and all sorts of fun. Plus, all the Elders of the Zone Hortolandia were there.

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures for this email (I left my camera cord at the house because I was too focused on my future), but I'll be sure to attach some next P-Day.

Also, here in the Ward, one of the youth got his mission call. It was really cool. A member of the stake presidency came in during the meeting and announced that he had his call. Then, he gave it to the youth, and he opened it up right there during sacrament meeting. haha He'll be going to the Brazil, Fortaleza mission. When he announced it, we all wanted to clap and shout with joy, but we all had to keep reverent haha. Also, I guess they'll have to find another ward pianist, cause this guy is outta here.

Well, thanks for the emails! Talk to you next week!


Elder Collins


Elder Collins with Elder Chipana a few months ago. They lived in the same home before and will now be companions.

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