Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015- week 42- P-day in Poços de Caldas, Brazil!

Olá Fam!

Well, I have been transferred to Poços de Caldas!! I spent a whole day and almost all of my money getting here. First impressions of this place: wow. this place is beautiful! So as you all know my companion is Elder Chipana. He's super cool. And because we already know each other, we've had a good start. I have a feeling that this transfer is gonna be a good one.

Anyways, Poços de Caldas is a SUPER hilly area. We work our legs out so hard every day, and I get home exhausted and ready to die. I think if I spend 6 months here, I actually will die. There are two other Elders that live with us. Elder Portilho and Elder Moss. Elder Moss actually has a blog too. You guys should all check it out! 

Also, in our district, there are a lot of Sister missionaries too! It was kind of weird for me when we had our District meeting last week on Thursday. There is quite a differences between Districts with Sisters and Districts with only Elders. Needless to say, I miss my last District. Oh well, onto a new area! The members here are pretty cool too, but most of them fled the chapel after church, so I don't know them too well. I'm sure I'll get to know them well pretty soon.

So, yes, I was able to fit all of my stuff in my two bags. There were really heavy, but I managed. As for my bag, it's pretty good. Still in good condition, but starting to break down a little. 

As for spiritual experiences, there is this one man here in Poços de Caldas who is preparing to be baptized this Sunday. He has a few minor problems, but really wants to follow the example of Christ. Last night, we went to his house (he lives with his girlfriend's family who all happen to be members!) and brought another member with us. We taught the Plan of Salvation, but the ending prayer said by him was really good. He expressed his true thoughts and emotions, and brought me close to tears with the sincerity of his prayer. He's progressing really well. 

Also, back in Sumaré, one of my investigators (the one who I felt prompted to talk to on the street) just got baptized! I was really excited to hear the news from my old companion Elder Maxwell. Although I wasn't there and able to see the service, I am so very grateful for the chance I had to be able to know her and share the gospel with her. We'll see how this weekend goes, but I have a feeling it's gonna be a good one. Also, we're gonna work harder than we ever have with lessons and contacting people. 

Thank you all for the emails and letters! Have another great week of summer! Talk to you next week!

Elder Collins


Goodbye Augusto.
Two more Elders from my group. Elder Driggs and Bush.

The youth who got his mission call.

She got baptized!- Tamara

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  1. Hey, Matt! I hope everything is going well in Brazil. I actually was just in south america a few weeks ago studying abroad in Bolivia. I wanted to get to Brazil to possibly see you but unfortunately we did not have time to reach Brazil although it was only a few hours on a bus. I am about to start my second year at VMI and am going into Calc 3 and Differential Equations. Again, I hope you are doing well and hope to see you again in the states. - Luca