Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016- week 84 of 100- Serving in the Brazil Campinas mission?!

Hey Family!

Wow, so one more week down on the mission. As I previously wrote to you, I have been transferred to the Anhanguera Ward, which is actually part of Campinas! This is a big thing for me because our mission is the Brazil Piracicaba Mission, but there's also another mission- The Brazil Campinas mission. haha And we're prohibited to travel to Campinas, yet here I am. 

I once went to the Campinas bus station when traveling from Poços de Caldas to Piracicaba on transfers day. They have the same transfers day as us so we saw a whole bunch of Campinas missionaries. It was crazy! Anyways, on Tuesday, Harbison and I left Capivari and went to Piracicaba where we waited for our companions. I got to see a whole bunch of other missionaries like we always get to on transfers day. One of them is a Mexican dude from my group, who I haven't seen for like almost a year. His name is Elder Guerrero.

My new companion is Elder Andrade. He's got 6 months on the mission, so that makes me feel old with just about 3 times that on the mission. haha We get along really well. He's from a place called Fortaleza up in northern Brasil and is 21 years old. Until now, I don't think I've ever gotten a companion that was younger than me. I'm starting to doubt that I ever will. haha 

Anyways, so far, I'm loving my new area. The members here are super chill and love us missionaries. We don't have too many investigators right now, but this area has a lot of potential! There are so many people that are wanting to join the church, and there are lot of part-member families. We'll be working super hard this transfer (which will only be 5 weeks) to baptize. We already have one baptism marked for this Saturday. This girl who has been going to church for a while and loves it there, but hasn't been baptized yet. More information to come in the next weeks on what's going on with our investigators. 

Also, this past Sunday was Fast and Testimony meeting. I have, honestly, never felt the Spirit so strong at a Testimony meeting like this before. It was awesome! I got up there as well and introduced myself to the Ward and also bore my testimony. Also, luckily, the Ward already has a pianist, so they won't be needing my assistance anymore. At least I can play all the hymns now. 

Well, that's all for right now. I'm super jealous that you guys are all going back to England and the theme parks that I loved so much. Also, I'm still waiting anxiously for John's call to get there. Tell me when you guys get it!

Have a great week everyone and I hope you enjoy Spring break!

Love you all!
Elder Collins

P.S. So I'm having some problems with my camera and I can't download any photos right now, so Imma try and send them off next week. AHHH Brasil can be frustrating sometimes.

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