Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016- week 81 of 100- P-day in Capivari, Brazil!

Hey Guys!

So, this week was definitely a wallet emptier. On Tuesday, we had District Meeting up in Piracicaba, and afterwards we stayed with our DL and had lunch at his house. As they had leftover stir fry and my companion knows how to make orange chicken, we decided to make an oriental lunch. Imma just say it was a good learning experience haha. It was pretty good, though. 

On Thursday, we did a division with the Zone leaders. This time, I went to their area in Piracicaba...again. That day was the first day in my entire mission that I threw up during work. Lunch that day was really good, so I ate a lot. Then we decided to go and get some açaí afterwards. Then, when we went to a recent convert's house, she gave us even more food. To be polite, we accepted. After that, we started knocking doors under the blazing sun. I just couldn't handle it, so I went over to an empty area with bushes and grass and threw up. Elder Denhike (my zone leader) got some good pictures of me vomiting. haha

This whole week, we've been out in the hot sun knocking doors looking for new investigators as most of ours are "mole". which basically means weak or soft. I don't exactly know how missionary work is in the United States or any other place, but here in Brasil, it's a lot easier to find people who will listen to you. There are always people who don't want anything to do with you because they already have a religion, but almost everyone here in Brasil believes in God and Jesus Christ and loves the Bible. The real problem is having someone who is actually interested in going to church and having commitments. That's why we have to do LOTS of contacts. These past two weeks, my companion and I have been doing more than 400 contacts per week. Apparently, here in Brasil the statistics are for every 1000 contacts, should come at least one baptism.

Well, I dunno if this week in specific changed anything except for me gaining a better knowledge of the gospel. There are always different approaches on talking to someone about the church. For us, we're always in church clothes, so people know we're missionaries. If it's on the road, we start talking about what we do. People are always fascinated by the fact that we traveled so far to go to Brasil and do this work. People love americans. When we knock doors, it's a little bit harder. Usually they're a little more closed and don't want much, but almost everyone accepts us for reading a scripture. The most impressive thing I've done on the mission...hmm I dunno. It depends on what you consider impressive. For example, I've taught up to 40 people at one time. Or I've walked for 3 hours straight getting to an appointment. Or I've eaten a raw onion. The scariest thing happening on the mission? Getting up to teach in front of my Mission President haha.

YES! General Conference! I am very excited! I can't believe it's already been 6 months since the last conference. It doesn't even feel like it. Also, yeah it is my last one here on the mission. Next time I see it, it'll finally be in English! That'll be a difference!

Well, onto my second to last week of the transfer! I wish everyone another great week of life! Remember the miraculous hand of God in everything and appreciate all that we have. The good and the bad.

Amo vocês todos!

Elder Collins


On the way to lunch during the division.

Us eating açaí afterwards.

There it is, all going to waste...

That's Capivari.

This one member who showed us his mad accordion skills.

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