Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015- week 69- Christmas Skype call from Brazil!

Hello everyone!

Well, this email won't be too long, as I just talked to you guys via Skype like 3 days ago. It was great being able to see all you again and can't wait for the next time in 4 months! I must say, John's voice doesn't ever stop getting deeper. Melissa and Sarah look much older. Mom and Dad, you look and sound the same, so that's good, right? Like you aren't getting older? haha

Noo! Your beloved iPad! Well, it was getting a little old right? Haha, way to spoil yourself- an iPhone 6plus, hahaha. SO JEALOUS. I'm gonna get one of those when I get back from the mission, right? haha 

Yes, Elder Lloyd had plenty of time to talk to his family. I got to see his family and house in Idaho with all the snow. That was definitely a sight to see.

This Friday is New Years, so I'm also pretty excited about that! It's about time that 2016 got here. 

So, to answer Mom's question from last Friday, the Brasilians here don't really have a super different Christmas culture. They like to spend time with family. Christmas Eve is the time to gather everyone around, party, eat, and have a good time. They all stay up super late. Christmas day is like the hangover day. That can be interpreted in both the literal sense as well as the metaphorical. It's like a big build up and then- Christmas!! It's pretty relaxed. No one stays on the streets. Terrible for work if you don't already have a family to visit that likes you. So yeah, not too much tradition, but the Brasilians do like spend time with family.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful New Years! Enjoy the time with family and the fireworks and that big ball from New York.

Love you all!

Elder Collins

P.S. Wait, were those Sister missionaries from Apopka ward talking about a YSA activity from the Leesburg stake that happened, or will happen, or like after the mission with them kind of thing? haha

(Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures...sorry)

My wonderful family.

Close up. (our photo)

Awesome Skype call! (our photo)

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