Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December 22, 2015- week 68- Christmas week in Brazil!

Hello all!

Yes, the last week before Christmas. I can't believe its already been a year since the last Christmas. This mission roller-coaster is starting to give me those powerful butterflies at the steepest drop. Well, this past week was pretty cool. Now I've only got one more week of 2015.

Anyways, on Tuesday we had a District meeting where we rehearsed an original play that we performed at the Mission Christmas Conference on Thursday.

Wednesday was a stressful day because the girl we were going to baptize decided she didn't want to be baptized because of some family problems she was having. We went over there and talked to her about baptism. Definitely one of the most spiritual lessons I've had on the mission. We asked her and her family to all pray and talk with God about what they should do.

On Thursday, I had my last "Conferência de Natal da Missão" WOOO!!! It was awesome! It didn't last as long as I thought it might, but nonetheless. Yes, that is definitely me that you saw in the video. For the first time ever on the mission since our first day in the field when we got our first companions, all of the guys from my group and I were at the same conference! It was awesome sauce cool! In the video, we all sat together and got super excited when he got his call to go to Utah. We've decided that we're gonna go and visit him when we all get back, since we'll all be in Utah haha. President Canuto talked about what we were going to give Christ as our present and what we could do to be better missionaries. I liked that conference a lot.

After the conference, I went and did a division with the DL's comp at Piracicaba. We were both feeling pretty sick, so we rested afterwards. On Friday, I had to go to the hospital and they told me I had an ear infection. Man, Brasil is slowly killing me. I think when I get back from the mish, the doctors are gonna diagnose me with skin cancer. Anyways, I'm better now, but my ears were hurting pretty bad. Friday night, I found out that the division with my comp in Capivari had been a success and that we would still be having a baptism like we scheduled.

On Saturday, I got back home and we set everything up. So, our baptismal font isn't like an actual font. It's a portable swimming pool. I mean it's large enough to baptize someone, so that's cool. We were happy to see Thuanny be baptized. She was pretty happy too haha.

On Sunday, she was confirmed a member and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. After church, we went and visited some members who didn't make it to church today.

Well, that was my week. I'm super excited for this Friday when I will be able to see you all again. Remember the questions! I will be preparing some for you guys, so I will be expecting some too! Ah, I was thinking that it was a two hour difference, but we are 3 hours ahead of Florida . Okay, so I'll be on around 15h for me, so like noon for you guys. Sound good? Hopefully the internet at the member's house will be good haha.

Thank you all for the emails. Hope you all have an awesome week of Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU PEOPLE.

Love you lots,

Elder Matthew Collins


MTC Group 36-A

Zona Piracicaba

The river that goes right through Piracicaba.

Thuanny's baptism.

After baptism party.

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