Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015- week 65- Received transfer to Capivari, Brazil!

Olá família!

Well, sadly the past week was my last week to be here in Piracicaba. Transfers came in today, and I will be moving to a city called Capivari. I've been to the bus station there once when I was coming to Piracicaba from Monte Mor. Elder Maxwell (my second companion and member of my group) recently left from there and he said that there are lots of receptive people there. 

My new companion will be Elder Lloyd. Another American! I met him in Hortolandia and he seems pretty cool. Let us see. But, I'm actually pretty sad that I'm leaving. We were having a lot of success. We had 2 more baptisms this past Saturday! A boy named Wesley and a girl named Debora. 

Last Tuesday, we had a Noite Familiar (Family Home Evening) with several families and lots of recent converts and members. We taught about the Doctrine of Christ and focused on baptism. We then invited the family to be baptized. We had been working a lot with the boy from this family-Wesley- but his mom said he needed to change some things first. We decided to not only invite him to be baptized, but everyone. The Spirit was really strong when everyone started bearing their testimonies. We also brought Bruno, the youth that will be leaving for his mission on Wednesday. It was his sister that was baptized this Saturday along with Wesley. Slowly, his family is accepting the church. His parents are not baptized, but I was working hard on trying to bring his mom to church, and last week she went.

Anyways, I'm grateful for this transfer. My area was actually closed. There aren't as many missionaries coming in as there are leaving the mission. But I'm still not sure why they closed my area, which was having success. We had 8 people at church again. 

Well, this reminds me that Elder Holder-my first companion and trainer- has now completed his full-time mission here in Piracicaba. I'll miss him. He was a good missionary and a good friend. I'll have to meet up with him some time after the mish. Although it made me pretty darn trunky, it was cool to get to see him on his last transfer and then say goodbye to him.

Well, that's this week for all you guys. Thanks for the emails! I know how it is to be without internet and the frustration that comes with it, but sometimes staying unplugged from the cyber world is good. Unless it's to email me, then internet should definitely be used. haha

Have a great week!

Elder Collins


Wesley's baptism.

Wesley's family.

Debora's baptism.

Yeah! 2 baptisms!

Good bye Elder Meira (now Henrique).

He saw me when I was born, and now I'm watching him die...

Good bye Elder Holder (now David).

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