Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015- week 64- P-day in Piracicaba, Brazil!

Hello Family!

Well, only one more week left in this transfer! Which also means one more week until Elder Holder goes home. It's so weird, but whatever. Also, this past sunday was pretty cool- 8 investigators at church! We're working a lot with incomplete families so there's lot of work to be done. We might have a baptism this week or the next. It all depends, but we're gonna work hard this last week. 

I didn't really have any challenges this week except maybe writing in my journal. It's been pretty hard these past weeks, but I'm still trying. haha The biggest success was the 8 people in church. This past Sunday was the Primary presentation, and we had an investigator who participated so that was cool. He's been going to church for a while, but we're waiting for his mom to give the okay. She went last Sunday, but this Sunday, just her Husband, this son, and two daughters went. One of their daughters is already baptized. 

Also, something cool that happened this past week was the baptism of a kid. The other Elders taught him. The cousin of this kid was on a mission and recently returned. He got back home this past Tuesday, and later that night he baptized his cousin. It was really cool to see that. 

There is also a youth named Bruno in my ward who will be leaving in a week to go on a mission. This past week he had his going away party. At his party, there was a swimming pool and the only thing we missionaries could do was just stare at the water haha. It was a good lunch though- churrasco. We went to his house a couple days afterwards and there was still lots of meat left, so he had a mini-churrasco with us haha. 

Sounds like everything is going well over there in Italy! Hope you all have another great week!

Love you all,

Elder Collins


Me, Elder Gomes, and Elder Holder.

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