Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015- week 63- New shoes in Piracicaba, Brazil!

Bom Dia Tudo Mundo!

Well, this past week went by really fast, as usual. It rained some more and the wind was really strong. I even had to wash my clothes several times because the wind blew my clothes off of the clothes line. UGH. The stress of having to dry clothes manually. 

Also, my companion's birthday was this past week. He turned 20! And here I am, the same 19 year old I was last week. 

So, I've actually been looking into this and I saw that my return date, if nothing changes in the transfers, is probably gonna be the 8th of August. If a transfer of 5 weeks happens next year, then I will be home the 1st of August. We had a transfer of 5 earlier this year. Last year, there were no changes. I'm hoping that a transfer of 5 weeks happens because I want to be home for my birthday, but if not then I guess I'll be coming home as a 20 year old. I dunno. 

Also! I got some new shoes this week! Thanks to a lovely package from Amazon in the mail! Woohoo! It's so nice to have new shoes. Thank you! I attached some comparison pictures for you guys to see haha. 

My companion asked if he could use my old shoes so I gave them to him. The new shoes keep my feet warm and toasty even when walking into puddles, which is a good change from having to come home every night with wet and damp socks. 

Well, not much to say this week. Have a great one everybody!

Elder Collins


District Meeting with Elder Holder.

That's a box.

New shoe vs old shoe.

New shoe vs old shoe.

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