Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015- week 35- P-day in Monte Mor, Brazil!

Olá Familia!!

Transfers have happened! And, I'm staying! Woohoo. Alright. So, this past week was better than last week. We're working really hard with one of our investigators right now. He goes to church every week and has a testimony of everything, but the only problem is that he has a problem with smoking. We've been setting goals with him and following up every other day. Yesterday, we went to his house and did a special experiment. We decided to make a cigarette tea and have him drink it. I don't know if you've ever tried anything like this with other investigators that have had problems with smoking, but it's supposed to make them want to throw up. We made it with our investigator and had him smell it and drink it. He said it was the worst tea he's ever had. haha We asked him if was alright afterwards and he was all calm about it, but kept going outside to spit. We had dinner with his family that night, but he didn't want to eat. I hope the tea worked. We'll see tomorrow when we go back there. He's the closest investigator we have to baptism. And, since I'll be here with my companion (Elder Aguirres) another 6 weeks, I'm almost positive that he will have stopped smoking by the end of the transfer, if not this week.

So, to answer your questions- Holy cow, do I walk? Man, I have never walked so much in my LIFE! Yes, we walk a lot. haha They do have buses, but it wastes our money ever time we use the bus. Sometimes, it's not even effective because we end up waiting a long time for the bus, and by the time the bus finally gets to us and we ride it to our destination, it's the same time as if we were to have just walked to the place. But, yeah- their major mode of transportation here is buses. They've got buses to almost everywhere here.

Haha, how did you know about the rain? Haha, yes it's finally raining over here. It's been at least 5 weeks since they've had a good rain here in Monte Mor. It's good, but also at the same time bad. Good, because it's a break from the blistering sun, and bad because it makes all the paths muddy and no one wants to talk to you in the streets.

Yes! MOTHER'S DAY!! Unfortunately, I do not know when we will be doing the calls. It will be after lunch for us, I'm thinking maybe around 4 or 5pm your time in Italy. But, I'm not sure. I don't even know who's house we're going to. Just be ready any time after 2 or 3pm, I guess. Sorry. But, I'm really super excited to be able to see all you guys. It felt like I just talked to you yesterday (at Christmas time), but I'm ready to see you again! Make sure to have questions ready, cause I will be ready to answer them, and I have questions for you guys too! 

Thank you for the emails, and also for getting me some more shirts! I love you all, and I'm super excited to talk to you all. See you this Sunday!

Your son, brother, and friend,
Elder Matthew Collins

FOTOS (unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures this week, so there's only one)
Oh how I love green!

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