Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015- week 36- P-day in Monte Mor, Brazil!

Olá minha familia! Haha, so this time I don't have to much to say, as I just talked to you guys YESTERDAY! Woohoo! Hey, it was great being able to talk to you all after a while of not. I'm not, as some would say "trunky", but I was a bit exhausted after talking so much English with you guys and getting to see you all! Now, onto another 6 or 7 months of WORK.

I'm still amazed at how deep John's voice is. haha Seriously! Anyways, thanks for being on at that time when I got on. I'm sorry I wasn't able to give you a specific time for you to get on. Next time, I will have a time set apart though. I'll make sure I do. The member at who's house I was at said you guys are super cool "uma familia ótima!'', as he said.

So, as to my week, it was a normal week. The only difference being that I had two divisions with other Elders and also that I got sick and went to the hospital. The hospitals here are terrible. You could literally be bleeding slowly to death and you would still have to wait a long time. The hospital was also filled with people who had dengue. Man, it is a dengue epidemic down here. I mean, yeah it can be lethal at least the second time you get it, but it only gives you pain in the bones and a headache. Nothing too bad. If I do catch it, I'll be out of commission for a while. When Elder Arnson got it, he said he couldn't do anything for like a month. Just sleep and more sleep. Which doesn't sound too bad haha.

To answer your question, Yes, I have to do my own laundry. I have to do everything myself here haha. I kind of miss it when mom did it for me, or I had other to share the load. Shaaare the looaadd...Also, yeah! I'd love to send you guys a letter. But, I don't really know how the address thing would work. Could you give me your guys' mailing address?

Well, sorry for the short email, and unfortunately I don't have any new pictures for you guys (but I think you guys took some of me), but I just wanted to let you all know that I really did enjoy talking to you guys. I feel like I talked a lot, but I don't know- maybe that's a good thing? I think the mission has allowed me to open up a lot more than I'm used to. Now, I WANT to talk haha. I never thought that would become a reality. Anyways! I love you all, and talk to you guys next week!

Your son and brother,

Elder Collins

Mother's Day Skype call

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