Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015- week 34- P-day in Monte Mor, Brazil!

Hello Family!

Well, this week went by ''mais ou menos''. Still, all the weeks of my mission go by so fast. On Tuesday, I did a division with an Elder named Elder Guerrero (Elder ''Warrior'' translated in Portuguese haha). He is from Mexico, and actually got here the same time as me. He was in a Spanish district in the CTM, but I saw him all the time. It was cool to catch up. Also, as usual, we did a lot of walking. We didn't do so much work with the members, but this week we're going to teach a lot of people with members. I don't know if this was a thing back when Dad was serving a mission, but lessons with members is a lot more effective for teaching. 

Anyways, the members here are pretty cool. There's a lot more youth here who are preparing to go on missions than in Sumaré, so that's really cool. One is waiting for his call, another one is preparing his papers right now, and one more that will send in her papers in a couple months. All the Elders here are super excited for them, inculding me!

Haha, yes I finally get to play the piano. This will defenitely help me to get better. I'm surprised, however, on how much I can play. Like when I left for the mission, there were maybe 5 or 6 songs I could play. But, here, without any practice except for a little 5 minute warm up before Sacrament meeting, I can play most all the songs. And there's like almost 200 in the hymn book. What is this? Haha, but it's cool to be the ward pianist. 

Also, Dad, that's absolutely wonderful to hear that you met a Brasilian woman from parent conferences, let alone from SUMARÉ!!! THATS SO AWESOME!!! You have no idea how happy that made me feel. Thats so awesome! Tell her I said hi!! I miss SumarĂ© a lot. So many memories. But, now I'm here in Monte Mor!! 

Anyways, not much happened this week. But, this next week is the last week of the transfer! This transfer is only 5 weeks! But, I have a strong feeling that I will stay here. In fact, President actually sent out a notice for the whole mission, that he'd like to keep missionaries in one area for about 6 months at a time. This way, the missionary will be able to work more effectively, as he will know the area well and have a connection with the members. So, I guess I'll only have 4 areas my whole mission. haha We'll see how that goes. 

Thank you all for the emails! Talk to you next week! (also, only 2 more weeks till Mother's Day- totes excited to talk to the fam)

Elder Collins


Another American! It's Schmitz! (his birthday's today btw)

This dude is Brasilian! Bastante de Elder Basante. kkkk

Yup, this is the Interior.

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