Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015- week 37- P-day in Monte Mor, Brazil!

Oppa! Tudo bem?

This week was alright for me. Not much special happened, but like all the others, it was pretty fast. So, I had two more divisions with two elders. They came to Monte Mor. Their names are Elder Dehnike and Elder Villeda. The first Elder actually is from my group. He's Argentinan from Buenos Aires. He's really cool, but he had a problem with his knee so we had to take the day slowly. Also, as you guys know, I was recovering from my sickness. It was a little hard to talk to you all because my voice was acting weird.

Anyways, our investigator that is smoking is doing a lot better! He went a whole day without smoking! We were so excited to hear that! Also, his son went to this one demonstration where they made this one drink from some ingredients and had a person who was addicting to smoking drink it. Afterwards, he was asked to smoke a cigarrette, but he couldn't do it. He said that every time he put the cigarrette to his mouth, he wanted to vomit. So, we are buying the ingredients for out beloved investigator to help him. Also, yesterday, we went to his house and watched the Testaments with him. It's been a while, so I forgot how good it was. We felt the spirit strongly in the end too.

Also, now we are giving English and Spanish classes at the church on Thursdays at night time to everyone who wants to learn more English. Last week was the first time that we did it, and it was mostly members, but this week we're handing out cards to people so that they know where and when it is.

Hey! Thank you for the mailing address! I will soon send off a letter to you guys! I have no idea how long it'll take, but just know that soon enough one will be on its way. Sorry for the short email this time, we had to do a survey for something called "mission tour" I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I know that some general authority will be coming down to talk to the whole mission!

Thank you for all your emails and the packages! I will be sure to tell you of anything that arrives for me!

Love you all!

Elder Collins

Splits with Elder Villeda!
Look at these fubecas!

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