Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 6, 2015- week 31- Received transfer to Monte Mor, Brazil!- LOTS OF PHOTOS!!!

Tudo bem familia?

SO! RESULTS- duh duh DUHHHH- I was transferred! Finally! After 6 months in Sumaré, I was transferred to Monte Mor! It's actually not even that far from Sumaré haha, but it is a different Zone- Zona Hortolandia! Haha, Elder Holder is actually is in this zone too so I got to see him again. My new companion is Elder Aguirres. He's from Buenos Aires, Argentina and he's been on his mission for about 9 months now. He's the District Leader for my district. Also, just for a little, I am also companions with Elder Augusto. He's from São Paulo here in Brazil and only has 6 months left on his mission! Yes! Finally I have companions who are not American! Now I have to speak Portuguese haha. Hopefully this will help me. I feel like my Portuguese is pretty good, so onto improvement and perfection. Gotta show off for you guys the end of this month when I talk to you haha.

Anyways, Monte Mor is actually not the name of my area. My area is Guanabara A. It's that because the chapel is in the neighborhood Guanabara (which is in Monte Mor). Also, my area is huge!! Everything is so far apart from everything. It's crazy. From where we live, it takes like an hour to walk to the center, where the chapel is. And to go to another neighborhood, its at least a 40 minute walk. I have a feeling I'm gonna be spending a lot on the cost of bus travel. Oh well. I think we get a bonus here in Monte Mor because everything is so spread apart. I'll have to talk to President. Also, because my companion is the district leader, I'll have to catch some more buses to do divisions. Elder Aguirres is pretty cool. He's really funny, especially when he tries to speak English. I'll make sure to teach him well.

Yes! General Conference! Well, this conference was a little different for me, mainly because I watched it all Portuguese! Yup, all in a different language. It was hard to keep focus sometimes, because I still have to concentrate to understand everything, but I was able to do it! I think my favorite talk was by Elder M. Russell Ballard during the Priesthood conference. Haha, also it was nice to hear that one Brazilian speak during the conference. Also, how about President Dieter F. Uchtdorf and his German? haha The translator for Portuguese laughed too! I loved all of the talks and I'm gonna download them all so I can listen to them at our house.

Also, this week I have attache LOTS of photos. Well, more than usual at least. Enjoy all! Thank you so much for the emails sent. Also I finally got your guys' package! Thank you! I've already eaten all the candy and I will definitely be using the food packets. You have no idea how happy I was to see the Ranch dressing packet. SO STOKED!! They don't have that kind of stuff over here. Anyways, till next week! Love you all!

Elder Collins


Elder Aguirres: My new companion!

Me and Elder Aguirres: So much green...

Elder Augusto: my other companion (for a little time)

Fountain: AGUA!!!

Monte Mor: So beautiful

Monte Mor: Much green

Monte Mor: That map though

Monte River: That's a river alright

Monte trio: A Brazilian, a Hispanic, and a MURICAN

Transfers: Two buddies from my past zone

Zona Hortolandia: Wait, do I know anyone here?

FOTOS from Elder Maxwell

Family Night. The guy with the baby is Pedrão, member of the stake presidency, and his wife.

Lennon, the cool member.

Lennon and Maria, his wife.

Tamara, on the far left, Adrea, and Andrielli. And Elder Collins and myself. 

Me and Elder Collins last foto.... as comps haha sad.

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