Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015- week 32- P-day in Monte Mor, Brazil!

Hey Family!

Two weeks down here in Monte Mor! Last week was a bit slower than usual, but the end was a little more interesting. I almost caught Dengue! You can read more about what that is exactly on the internet, but basically it is this disease spread by mosquitoes that leaves you super weak and incapable of doing anything.

On Wednesday, towards the end of the day I was having trouble walking up with my companions and I was really tired. On Thursday, I had trouble moving my body and had a headache so my comps took me to the hospital. Haha, they were worried that I caught dengue, because Brazil's pretty much having a Dengue epidemic over here (or at least in the São Paulo area). I had to wait 6 hours, then they attended to me and I took the exam. The results were that I had the starting symptoms and so maybe I had it. They told me to rest one day, then come back and retake the exam in 2. So, Friday I rested, then by Saturday, I was already feeling better and I kept telling my companions that I didn't have it. We went and I retook the exam Saturday morning. The results came back that I was normal and NOT with Dengue. That was a relief, but I knew I didn't have Dengue.

Anyways, that was pretty much half of my week right there. On Tuesday, we had a District meeting here in Monte Mor and in my district, there are two missionaries who arrived in the mission the same time. Elder Denike from Argentina and Elder Guerrero from Mexico. It's been 6 months since I've seen them! It was good to see them again.

Being a companion to the District Leader is pretty interesting. Also having to speak in Portuguese with my companion, because that's the only way we can communicate, is different. But, my Portuguese has already improved a lot haha. I'm starting to be able to talk faster and faster. It seems that I don't have to put as much effort into speaking the language. Meaning, I don't have to think in English and then translate into Portuguese. The only thing that gets me sometimes is my limited vocabulary. I mean, I know thousands of words, but in English, I know a LOT more. So, sometimes describing things can make me sound like a little kid. Eh, its not even that bad as I make it sound.

I can't wait to speak for you guys soon! Anyways, we've also been able to teach a lot of receptive people and mark baptisms too! I'm pretty excited.

Well, there's the update for the week! Thank you all for the emails and letters! They are always appreciated! Until the next week!

Love you all!

Elder Collins


Missionary in Brasil!

New District!

What is this place.

This abandoned factory.

On our way to lunch.

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