Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014- week 12- P-day in Sumaré, Brazil!

Helllloooooo Family!

Another week down here in Brazil! This past week, not much happened, but there were some cool events. On Saturday, the Ala (ward) had a End of the Year party/churrasca at the Recreation Center close by. It was really cool and a ton of people went! We also got some of our investigators to go, and they said they had a great time! The food was also definitely good! 

Anyways, work was same as usual. We contact people on the streets, and they're almost always really positive and they love to hear what we have to say. We have a lot of investigators! They all live in far and spread out areas, though, so we can't always go and visit them. Some times we'll have to walk 30 minutes to an hour to get to one place, and then walk another 45 minutes back to visit someone else. We're starting to focus a little more on the people closest to us haha.

As for my Portuguese, it is coming along well as usual. I am starting to participate a lot more in the lessons, because I can actually understand and say a lot more. There is still a lot that I need to learn- mainly vocab...vocab, vocab, vocab- but I can hold conversations easily. I kind of have an accent, but I'm working on that haha. It's not even that bad, a TON better than most of the American Elders here.

Also, transfers was this week. I am still here with Elder Holder, so that's a relief. We have a lot of Investigators who are almost ready to be baptized. Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks, and we shall see!

Well, there's my little report for the week. Till the next week, all. Thank you also, for all the emails!

Elder Collins

 A view from the main road in Paulistano

Some random cows in Paulistano

 Another road on the outskirt of Paulistano

The view of Sumaré from Paulistano

NOTE: Paulistano is a little neigborhood just outside of the city Sumaré, but it's still part of Sumaré.

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