Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014- week 13- P-day in Sumaré, Brazil!

Minha Familia!

     This week has been great! We found a lot more investigators, and we also have some baptisms marked! My companion and I have also been able to work together a lot better. Also, as usual, my Portuguese is progressing.

     So! Like I said the other week, Tuesday was transfer day. Almost everyone left from our disrtict except my house (Elder Holder, Chipana, and Murray) and one other guy. We got two more Americans straight from the CTM! They're not in our area, but we saw them at church and at the District meeting. Also, our District leader changed. It is now an American. His name is Elder Sanchez, and he's been here for a little more than a year now. It was cool to see the new guys, because that is probably how I looked to the other people in my District. One of them knows a decent amount of Portuguese, but the other one needs a little work. With time, I'm sure they will both be amazing. I hope I can be amazing one day...haha.

     We were able to find one pesquisadora this week who is really interested in the church. We were able to go there 4 times this week! She wants to know everything she can learn from us. Its going really well. She wasn't able to go to church, though, because she got sick at the last minute. She was able to send her three kids though. We will see how well we can progress with her. Also, we found another family who seem pretty interested in what we do. They also want to know more about our church. We've already gone there three or four times too. We actually found them by mistake, because we were looking for a person with the same name, but they accepted us with eagerness. They always invite us in their house when they see us.

     Well, thats about all the cool stuff that happened this week. We did a ton of walking, as usual. The heel on my left foot is literally falling off the shoe, but its still connected. I've already put three soles in there to give me the support that I can get. The original sole, the sole from my slip one, and Elder Holder's gel sole. Hopefully, it'll last me a little bit longer. 

     Sorry about there not being much this week, but here are two pictures and just a little update on me.  Anyways, thanks again for all the emails, I love you guys! Till the next week.

Elder Collins

P.S. Portugal sounds like it was fun! The Portuguese you heard in Portugal, however, is not the same as Brazil. Haha, still cool that you got to hear Portuguese though!

A picture of our district here in Sumaré with President Canuto. This picture was taken in October I think.

A sunset in the area of Paulistano. Shows the center of Sumaré.

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