Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014- week 9- Photos from Sumaré, Brazil!


Another week has pased! I've been starting to take lots of pictures, so this update will mostly contain pictures! Yay! So I will add descriptions to the pictures!

Anyways, I've been doing just fine over here in Brasil. Last week was kind of slow, but I'm constantly learning Portuguese every day. Till the next week. (Sorry for the short email, but next week I'll have more to say)

Elder Collins

 Elder Holder and I; my companion is a little too excited at times...haha

 On our way back from a little village outside of Sumaré

Our kitchen! 

Just outside of the kitchen 

My companion and the two others who live with us. Elder Holder on the left, Elder Chipana (this dude is hilarious) in the center, and Elder Urquia (who arrived in Piracicaba with me) on the right. 

A view of the favelas from Sumaré 


Me again! In front of our humble abode! (Just the gate on the right)

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