Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014- week 11- P-day in Sumaré, Brazil!


Another week down here in Brazil! It was a fast week, but a lot happened. I also included some more pictures for those who wish to know what my area is like down here.

This past week, we opened up a new favela called "Villa Soma". It's been around for 2-3 years, but that whole time, only Sister Missionaries have been here. I can't remmeber if I've told you or not, but we're the first Elders that Sumaré has had for several years. Anyways, Villa Soma is a dangerous area, so the Sisters weren't allowed to enter it. So, we made history! First missionaries ever to set foot in Villa Soma! We found a lot of investigators there, too! There's this one family that's super accepting, and their daughter wants to serve a mission! How cool is that? We've only been there two times, too! Haha, kind of funny- Villa Soma is ginormous, but you can't really tell from the picture because most of the favela is behind the hill- but the second time we went there, we got lost and couldn't find the address of the family. So, for two hours, we walked and walked and walked. We asked for directions, but no one knew anything. Ai, haha.

On Friday, we had interviews with President Canuto here at the chapel in Sumaré. The whole zone was there. Because we work here in Sumaré, we have the keys to the chapel, so we have to open and lock up every time there's an activity for missionaries. The interveiws with President Canuto lasted about 5 hours, so we had to stay in the chapel until he was done. Good thing there's a foosball table at the chapel!

Also, Elder Urquia left! He was having serious problems with his knees, so there was an emergency transfer. He's in Piracicaba right now, but Elder Chipana has a new companion- Elder Murray. He just got here to Brazil a couple of weeks ago, but he's been serving in the States for 14 months! He's pretty cool! Now, there's 3 Americans in our house, all against one Hispanic haha. Oh! Another cool thing: Elder Chipana and Elder Murray had their first baptism yesterday! As for Elder Holder and I, we're progressing.

We have a lot of cool investigators. There's this one family in Paulistano who the dad is really interested. He also really wantes to learn more English (he can already speak really well), so we gave part of our lesson in English. I also gave him my mini Book of Mormon that I got from Sister Miller in Seminary. Along with the gift, I told him about the promise that if he reads the entire Book of Mormon in English (along with his Portuguese one) two things would happen: first one, he would learn English and become fluent; and second, that he would receive a testimony of the divinity of the Book. I bore my testimony and we could all feel the Spirit. Just one of the many experiences on the mission.

Anyways, I hope all is well back home. All is well here, so no need to worry haha. Thank you all for the emails. Until the next week.

Elder Collins

 A view of the edge of our area

 Elder Chipana's new companion, Elder Murray

 A pathway to Villa Soma and Paulistano

 A river under a bridge on the way to Villa Soma

 Me on top of one of the huge anthills near Paulistano, with the Book of Mormon of course :)

 A bad picture, but one that holds the last memories of dear Elder Urquia

 A view of Villa Soma and the river

Pathway to Villa Soma

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