Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016- week 71- No transfer, but new companion in Capivari, Brazil!

What is up y'all?

This past week was a hot and wet week. We've been getting lots of rain these past days, but that's okay cause I like rain. I got burned pretty bad from two days that we went knocking doors. The sun is relentless in trying to burn our faces. We've been trying to find new people to teach and bring to church. Unfortunately, the baptism we had marked for this past Saturday fell through. He had to work, so we've rescheduled for his baptism to be in about 2 weeks. In the mean while, we'll use this time to find new investigators. 

Also, today we found out about the transfers. I will be staying here in Capivari, but Elder Lloyd will be going to Piracicaba. Another American named Elder Harbison will be coming here to be my companion. I'm sad about Elder Lloyd leaving, but I'm happy that another American will be coming here. This transfer, which is my 13th on the mission, should be a fun one. I've heard rumor that it may be a transfer of 7 weeks, but I've also heard that it'll be 5 weeks. We'll see what happens. 

Well, this past week we have helped some people with problems that they're having. The most spiritual part of my week was when we had a lesson with a woman that was thinking about killing herself. We talked about a lot of things and pretty much all of us were crying. 

To answer your question, yes I see every photo that you send. I think it would be a little bit better if you attached the picture instead of just pasting it to the text. It makes it a little hard to see that way. Also, you could always try a video. I don't know if it'll work. I tried sending a video to you guys, but the file was too big. I thought about google drive, but my ldsmail account doesn't have the option of google drive. 

Unfortunately, there is no temple in our mission, so we can't visit the temple. I'll have to go to the temple after my mission. 

Sounds like there's a lot of people leaving and moving to Naples. Do you think I would recognize our ward anymore? haha 

Thanks for the emails! I wish all of you a wonderful week!

Elder Collins


13th transfer

New planner

Cheese cake that we made at our recent converts house (she has an allergy to cameras I think).

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