Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015- week 57- P-day in Poços de Caldas, Brazil!

Hello Family and Friends!

So, this email is going to be short this week because not much happened. On Monday, I left with my companion Elder Pereira to São João and stayed there overnight. On Tuesday, there was the Leadership conference of the mission that, for the first time ever, was done via Skype. It was quite interesting. We talked about a lot of things that we need to change in the mission. Over the next couple of months, the form of work will be changing. Instead of lots of lessons and average number of contacts, we will be doing crazy amounts of contacts with a low number of the best lessons we can teach. Quite interesting indeed. Anyways, later that day, I did a split with Elder Stone! Woohoo for reuniting past companions! 

On Wednesday, we had a Zone meeting over in São João. After the meeting, all the guys went and ate at Burger King for lunch. There was this weird special burger for Halloween which will be happening over where you guys live in about a month. I miss eating lots of candy...When we got back Wednesday night, we had a meeting with our Ward mission leader. 

All day Thursday I was busy doing baptismal interviews for 4 Sisters. Friday was probably my only day to work. We knocked doors and taught some lessons. Nothing heavy. Saturday and Sunday were both GENERAL CONFERENCE!! YEAH!! I loved it! I've been able to watch General Conference on the mission three times now! And, it's crazy to think that I only have one more General Conference left on the mission...Welp! Some of my favorite talks included Robert D. Hales, James B. Martino, Jeffery R. Holland, and Devin G. Durrant. Of course I loved hearing every one of the inspired men and women who talked, but these ones really stood out to me. Gotta love Robert D. Hales plainness on what we need to do and Jeffery R. Holland's heartfelt testimony on the divine and sacred calling of mothers. I love you mom! :)

This upcoming Tuesday (tomorrow) we will be going to a city called São Carlos for a Multizona with the President! It's gonna be awesome! Also, they will have mail there. I haven't gotten any packages or letters for a while, so I'm sure that tomorrow I will have some. At least I hope haha. 

Also, for the past 3 days, we haven't had any water in our house. Someone forgot to pay the bill back in March of this year! Having to take showers with a bucket of water from the neighbors isn't too much fun. I don't know if I told you too, but a couple of weeks they cut the electricity too. I think I prefer without electricity. *sigh* oh the wonderful experiences of the mission haha. #noregrets All those who will be going out on missions- you'll love these times haha. 

Well, thank you all for the emails! I wish all of you "uma semana belíssima"
Tchau para todos!

Com amor,
Elder Collins


Remember this dude?

That's a big hot dog... 

This dude is with me now.

Elder Carter is dying! 2 weeks left!

Part of the Zone.

Burger King Lunch!

Either that burger is burnt or it's one of those weird Halloween buns.

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