Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October 13, 2015- week 58- Children's Day holiday was yesterday in Brazil!

Hey fam bam!

What!? Seriously?! That's so awesome that Peter or I guess Elder McCollaum is serving in the Caserta ward haha. I would have never guessed that he would go there. But sweet! I think that would be so weird for me since it wouldn't feel like he's a missionary serving in my ward there, just a friend at church with a plaque.

Anyways, this past week for me was pretty good. On Tuesday, we had multizona at a city called São Carlos. It's about three hours away from Poços so we left early in the morning again. I really do not like waking up at 3 o'clock in the morning, but it was definitely worth it to go to the multizona. It was my favorite of all of them so far. Really spiritual. Also, a lot of things that we're doing in the mission are changing. We are now changing our mentality to quality instead of quantity. The amount of lessons are going down, but the amount of people we are contacting is going up. I think I already told you that. 

Also, unfortunately, there wasn't enough space in the car of President for packages, so I'll have to wait until next week when transfers happen. I'm so anxious to get my packages!!! AGGHH
So, there might be another baptism this Sunday. This is the last week of the transfer btw. It was really cool how we found him. On Friday, we were walking in a plaza when he called us over. He said he had gone to the church up in Brasilia (the capital of Brasil) and liked it a lot. He said he was passing through some difficulties. We said he could go to church with us on Sunday, so we took down his number to call him. On Saturday, while we were doing contacts in this one park, we found him again. We decided to take advantage of this opportunity and we taught him the Restoration. He liked it a lot and we also invited him to be baptized. He accepted! 

On Sunday, he came to church with us. Here comes the cool part. When we arrived at church, he was immediately greeted by two members who both hugged him. These members had gotten to know him on Friday when they climbed up to the Cristo here. This guy happened to be there too. The members invited him to climb up with them, so he accepted. One of the members became really good friends with him and even wanted to share a little of the gospel with him, but he didn't because of fear. That night, the member prayed for him. The next day, we found him. Oh, the power of prayer. We've already taught him two times and he is definitely ready to be baptized and follow Christ. He said he's been looking for the right path for many years, but couldn't find it. He said he finally found it. How great it is to be a missionary.

Also, sorry for not emailing you guys yesterday; P-Day was moved to today because of the holiday yesterday (Children's day). Literally nothing was open yesterday so I was okay with that. Anyway, we had our last District meeting of the transfer. Two Sisters will be going home next week, so we had a party after the meeting. I have some photos attached of the week.

Thank you all for the emails.

Love y'all!
Elder Collins


The best district ever with our cool t-shirts.

Sister Menezes!

American sisters!

Is it someone's birthday?

Well, I got a present for my b-day.

Just some of the Elders from my group.

Elder Carter is gonna go home!

Elder Sanchez is so ugly.

Even my father is going home!

Elder Tarver, from my first district going home too...

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