Monday, September 14, 2015

Septermber 14, 2015- week 54- new Brazilian companion in Poços de Caldas, Brazil!

Hey Fam bam!

How's it going? Well, not much has happened, since I just emailed you guys like 4 days ago. Also, is my English grammar really falling behind? Man. haha Well, now that I have a Brasilian companion, I can finally improve my Portuguese! Haha FINALLY! I've been waiting so long for this chance! Haha, he must be pretty annoyed with all the questions I ask about how to improve my Portuguese and what I can say better to sound more like a native speaker. As an exchange, I also help him with his English. He actually speaks English really well. I almost didn't even hear his accent. Every day starting at 8:30, we only speak English for the rest of the day including our daily planning session. I feel like we're both progressing pretty well.

Anyways, I think the only big thing that happened this past week was another baptism! Yeah! Her name is Maristela (Estela). Actually, lots of Elders have taught her. Her two children were both baptized 5 years ago, so missionaries have been going there for quite some time now. I guess the Lord prepares people for the right time. Estela was ready when I got here. I taught her with three different missionaries. My last companion, Elder Stone, was pretty sad to have left right before her baptism. We held the baptismal service on Saturday, then on Sunday she received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Overall, one of my favorite baptisms.

I still think it's kind of weird that the Caserta Ward in Italy has Sisters now. I don't think we've ever had Sisters in our ward before, so that's cool. How much time do the missionaries over there have on the mission? Is one of the Elders the DL? Tell them I said hi from Brasil and wish them all the luck over there in Italy. Also tell the Sister missionaries that they're lucky that they get to eat with you. I wish I had that opportunity haha.

Also, something that's so strange to me. Lots of the missionaries that I knew are going home. This past week, Elder Augusto went back home. He was my comp for some 2 weeks, but we lived in the same house. It's really weird to know that he's probably sleeping in every day and hanging with his friends. Elder Holder goes home this December. It felt like it was yesterday that we were both companions teaching people I couldn't even understand a little bit. Well, I guess this is the way of a missionary. One goes home, and another takes his place.

Well! Thank you so much for the email you guys all sent to me! Unfortunately, I haven't gotten any packages from you guys yet. Just two more weeks and then more mail will arrive. I've got my fingers crossed. haha Have a wonderful week all of you!

Elder Collins


These guys.
This guy is the best!
Birthday of Eduardo
Maristela's baptism
Such a great day.
Our neighbors/members from Haiti!!!

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