Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015- week 55- Dog bite and hospital visit in Poços de Caldas, Brazil!

Para a minha querida familia,

So, this week was something different. I wasn't able to work as much as I wanted to, but hopefully this week will be better for me. So, on Tuesday I had my first District meeting as the District Leader! Woohoo!! That was fun. I think I did pretty well. I dunno. Everyone seemed to like my training. We'll see how tomorrow goes too! The Zone Leaders are gonna come to the meeting and then do splits with us afterwards.

Also, I decided to buy Tereré and a bomba (this metal straw that keeps the herbs out). I don't know if you guys know what that is, but it's a type of drink that they have here. Actually, it's a flavouring herb. You see, you dump these herbs in a cup, fill it with lemonade and then drink out of the fancy metal straw. It's super good.

Also, I think I've already told you, but we found this awesome family that loved when we went over to their house and shared our message with them. They all (the mom and two sons) want to be baptized, so we're working with them. We visited them on Tuesday too. On Wednesday, it got real hot. Also, we were went to visit one of our investigators, so we knocked their door waiting for them to come out when their two fluffy cute dogs came running out barking at us. They're about regular sized dogs. Not BIG, but also not small. I went out to pet one of them when the dog latched out and bit my finger. Ouch. It started bleeding a lot and that just ruined my day because 1, the investigators weren't even at home, and 2, my hand hurt for the rest of the day.

On Thursday, things got even worse when walking to our lunch I had a bad stomach ache. After eating lunch, it only got worse and the pain spread to my chest. It got real hard to breath, so they took me to the hospital. Once I got to the hospital, I had an attack of some sort. I'm not sure if it was like a panic attack or whatever. Basically, I had difficulty breathing and my body started going numb. My hands clenched up and I couldn't do anything. I felt so hopeless and scared. And the pain in the chest and stomach was still there. After some 10 or 15 minutes, I calmed down and went back to just the pain in the stomach and chest. They did some tests on me including attaching some wires to my chest, ankles, and arms. They diagnosed me with "gastrite nervousa". I'm not sure what that is in English, but basically its inflammation of the stomach. I talked with Sister Canuto and she told me that I can drink little or no soda, that I have to eat breakfast everyday, and that I have to take this one medication everyday. She's gonna mark a consolation with the Doctor the next week or so for me. So yeah...

That incident pretty much destroyed my week. I couldn't work anymore on Thursday, but on Friday and Saturday I went back to work. We weren't able to visit this awesome family and Thursday when we had marked, so that meant we couldn't talk to them more the past week, and they ended up not going to church...

Hopefully this week will be better. Thank you all for writing me emails. I love you all and pray for you all.

Your brother, son, and friend,

Elder Collins

Photos (sorry, I wasn't able to take many photos, but this week I will)

All Brasilians.
Yeah, it kinda hurts to get bit by a dog...

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