Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015- week 27- P-day in Sumaré, Brazil!


Well, another week down, and with a little more than 6 months on my mission, I am so happy to be on a mission!!! Okay, so this week has been, for some reason, a whole lot harder. I guess the only thing I can say is I definitely have a testimony of Satan. Haha, since the day Elder Maxwell and I have started, things have gotten a whole lot harder. I don't even know why. The only thing that's changed is that we fasted and began the Project Purification. I guess Satan knows that this Project really works. 

Anyways, this Sunday, I gave my first talk for Sacrament meeting! Dang it! I thought I would be able to escape that, but after 6 months, I have finally been found! Eh, it was good. I talked about how we can serve the Lord better. I didn't have any problems with my Portuguese, so that's good. I was worried I would mess up. 

Also, we had two girls come to church with us and they really seemed to like it. We've already been to their house 4 times to teach them. We invited them to be baptized, and they accepted. We'll see how that goes within the next couple weeks. 

So, on Tuesday, I officially passed the 6 month mark! As part of a missionary tradition, we burned one of our ties. I attached some pictures of that! We had a lot of compromisos this week, teaching 22 lessons. We still do a lot of contacts. It also rained a lot this week. Okay, now for the question thing.

1. What has been your biggest challenge this week?
Definitely being 100% obedient. We're still working on that.

2. What has been your biggest concern?
I think it was that I was kind of worried I would mess up my Portuguese on Sunday for my talk.

3. What has been your biggest success?
Two of our best investigators going to church!

4. Who has been your favorite person this week? Why?
I'd say it wasn't just one person, but those two girls who came to church. They're super cool and really receptive.

5. What has been your most significant tender mercy?
Probably the people letting them talk to us in their houses. Almost everyone we talked to said we could go to their house and share our message, so that was really nice, especially after teaching almost no one last week.

6. What are you looking forward to this coming week?
I look forward to the interviews we'll be having with President Canuto on Thursday.

7. Do you have a goal set for this coming week? Tell me about it.
To continue with the Project Purification. We're going to continue getting better.

8. Which scripture has had the biggest impact on you this week?
This week was probably Acts 4:12.

Well that's it for this week! Thanks for all the emails! Love you guys! Till the next week.
Elder Collins


The gang:  Maxwell, Arnson, and I

Train tracks in our area

Our zone! Our part of it at least...

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