Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015- week 20- P-day in Sumaré, Brazil!

Heya Fam!

Well, this week sure was hot! I also got sick again! But it was worse this time! I got a fever that went up to 102.4 degrees Fahrenheit!! O loco man. Good thing I still had some left over drugs, so I took those and then after taking a long nap, my fever slowly declined until it went away. We still had an important lesson to go to, so I left the house with a 99. This family was actually contacted a couple years back and the missionaries set a date to return, but they never went back. Elder Holder was talking to me and he was like "If we don't go tonight, they're gonna think we're just like the others who never went!" I was convinced, so went and taught them. It was good though! 

Also, this week, I went on ANOTHER division!! What?? Why did I never go on a division the last two transfers?? Haha, but it was actually really cool! I went back to Villa Flora, but this time I was with Elder Mayorga, who is the District Leader's companion. He's been out for 7 months now (two more transfers than I) and is from Bolivia! He's super cool! We worked really hard, but he did his best to help incorporate me into everything. It was awesome! We went tracting, and knocked on doors in the extreme heat, but almost everyone let us in! Also, something I don't know if you guys know. Here in Brasil, you don't actually knock. The houses here are different- they all have gates in front and they'res no way you can knock. So! Here in Brazil, we clap. Yup. It's just like a door bell...haha. If its someone we know, we'll clap then yell their name out. It's just the way it is here haha. Anyways, Elder Mayorga and I did a lot of work, but we were also able to get to know each other better and he's a good friend. It was the day after that division that I got a fever, though.

So, the work here is progressing. It is a little discouraging at times to see the other areas around us in our zone have success and then most of our plans fall. But, I know the Lord is with us, and it is in His time and not ours. That one investigator that I gave the English Book of Mormon went on vacation and then just recently got back, but he's been busy with work and we haven't been able to contact him very much. Also, yes, we walk A LOT. And thank you so so so so much for those shoes. Those were a life saver. We walk through sand, dirt, concrete, mud, water, grass, and ALL KINDS of terrain. So these shoes are perfect! I'm sure they will last for a long time.

Well, that's it for this week! Thank you all for the emails! I appreciated them all! Until the next week!

Elder Collins


Another view of our area- Jardim Eldorado

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