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December 29, 2014- week 17- We had a great Skype call from Elder Collins in Brazil on Christmas day!

Oi minha família!

Well, first off- It was great seeing and talking with you all! It was kind of weird afterwards, because it didn't feel like our Skype talk was real. The strangest feeling. I know I didn't say everything I wanted to say, due to time and power outages...but it was awesome to see all of you! I hope you guys have an awesome New Years! I have a feeling there's gonna be a lot of fireworks here in Brazil.

Anyways, this week was kind of slow. All of our investigators (well, most of them) went on vacation and left Sumaré. We weren't able to talk to too many people, but we did get some lessons in. Also, it rained the hardest its rained here in a long, long time!! It was on the news too! There was a lot of flooding all around the São Paulo area. Here in Sumaré, the streets were flooded, and the rain kept coming down and down. It was after finishing a lesson, it started raining really hard, so our investigator gave us their umbrella to use, and that was really nice of them. So, Elder Holder and I had to huddle under this tiny little umbrella with the pouring rain, and reduced visibility. Our house was about 25 minutes away, and by the time we were half way there, the rain fell down even HARDER. The streets started turning into rivers, and so we had to stick to the higher ground. Then, we got to a point where we had to jump to get to the other side. We looked for the spot with the least amount of water and then jumped. Well, it was quite the surprise when we landed in a foot of water. We ran out as fast as we could to the high ground, but it was too late for our shoes and pants. Totally soaked. Because we were only half way there, and we were already completely soaked, we decided to ford through the street rivers to get to our house in the fastest time possible. Holy cow. Never have I been so soaked. A lot of the things in my back were drenched and I had no idea what to do. Haha. That was fun.

You guys already know that we went to Irmão Eduardo Pedroso's house for Christmas. He's the ward mission leader, super chill, he knows how to speak some English, and he's just plain hilarious. You'd have to meet him. But, we had some difficulties with setting up Skype, plus the power outages...haha

So, yup those were the highlights of this week. Yesterday, I got pretty sick and I'm still feeling pretty bad today, but hopefully I'll get better within the week. Until next week!

Elder Collins

P.S. Hey! I was just wondering if you guys would be so kind as to send me some recipes for Picadillo and Macarones com Bacon!! I've been wanting to ask you guys, but I keep forgetting when P-Day comes around. But, now I've remembered! Thanks!! Love you lots.


Elder Holder and I outside of Eduardo's house on Christmas

It's hard to see because it's night, but the street is flooded

Another view of the flood

Elder Holder, Murray, and I on the Vespa de Natal (Christmas Eve)

Elder Holder and I after the fording through rivers

*EXTRA* pictures that we added

A Christmas card send to all parents of missionaries serving in the Brazil Piracicaba mission from the Mission President and his wife

Elder Matthew Taylor Collins on the Skype call- Christmas day 2014

Huddled around the computer talking with Matthew via Skype

Matthew with his companion Elder Holder

Matthew talking with his grandparents- Jerry and Maggie Beebe

This was a photo we saw posted by the ward mission leader after his Skype call- the caption read:  
"Elder Matthew Collins after talking with your family on Christmas day. Poor little kkkkkkk"

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