Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014- week 15- P-day in Sumaré, Brazil!

Hey Family!

Well, another week down! It was a little bit slower than the previous one, but still a good one! It was super rainy this week. It's rained pretty much every day for the past 6 days. About a month ago, we had a stake fast (all the Wards in the Sumaré stake, maybe other Stakes too) for it to rain, because it had been years since it had rained for a week straight, and it wasn't doing any good. Since then, it started to rain every now and then, and then last week it came down hard. That was really cool to see; fasting really does work. 

Also, I finally got a haircut! The cabeleireiro (barber) was interesting haha. He was kind of old, and had been cutting hair for 50 some years. He was talking about how he was still learning! Haha, but he spent about 30 minutes on me, making sure everything was even. I hadn't cut my hair since I left the CTM, so it was a lot of hair. You probably saw all those pictures and were thinking- What in the world is he doing with all that hair! Haha, we just didn't have anytime to get it cut, and then we always forgot on P-Days. But, here I am now!

On Thursday, we went to the main plaza in the centro of Sumaré and sung Christmas songs for the "Noite da Amizade" which is a weekly Ward activity. We usually meet at the chapel and have a special message, a brincadeira (game), and then a lanche (snack). But, for last week, and this week too I think, we are caroling. We also set up a little table with gifts for everyone who passed by. Haha, there was also this crazy dog who had been roaming the city. Elder Holder and I started petting him, and he got so excited because no one really did anything like that for him. He starting jump around in joy, and then tried biting our ties. Then, he ran over to this one woman with a dress, and then pulled on it, dragging her with him. The bishop ran after them and then wacked the dog to get it off of her. It was pretty funny.

Well, there's that little update. Hope all is going well back home! That's super awesome to know that the shoes are here! Tomorrow, we have a multizona conference up in Piracicaba. We'll all be going up there, so I'll be able to pick up some mail! I don't know if they are gonna send down any more mail before Christmas, but I hoping they do something like that. I get to Skype on Christmas Day, and it will be at a member's house. I'm not for sure who its going to be, as of right now, but I'll tell you guys more next week. Also, thanks for the Christmas package! I am super excited to get it! I don't know if it will get here before Christmas, but I know I'll get it sometime, and anytime is a good time for me.

Thanks for all the emails again, and until next week, and CHRISTMAS!!! I love you all!

Elder Collins


My hair cut, and also a little break from walking

The other side from that picture of my hair cut

 This one sign we found that talked about a killer on the loose in that area! What you can't see is the scratched out part of "de gatos". A CAT MURDERER! Still kind of scary haha.

 Us leaving our house to use the internet!

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