Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014- week 14- P-day in Sumaré, Brazil!

Oi Familia!

This week went by really fast too. I seems like I just sent off an email to you guys yesterday haha. Also, we didn't do much when you add it all up- so, I guess this will mainly be a picture letter.

Anyways, so the big things that happened this week were that we finally got our planners! We had to go almost two weeks without new planners! That was hard. We started using every free space in the planners, but we had to go somedays without using the planner, rather we had to use lined paper haha. But luckily, we got new planners on Wednesday during our Zone meeting! It definitely is nice to be able to use new planners.

Also, I can't remember if I told you last week or not, but our washing machine is broken. We have to wash and dry our clothes by hand. Holy Cow, that is a reminder for me of how blessed I was to have a washer and dryer back at home! Anyways, we had a technician come and look at the washer to find out the problem, and he said that the wires had all been chewed! BY A RAT!!! We had seen a rat a couple times, and we even found some poop on Elder Murray's clothes that were in the washer. So, we got some rat poison from a member here and laid it all over the ground by our door. The next morning, with all the poison gone, we found the rat- dead! Cha-ching! Too bad we saw some of its babies the other day...The technician said he'll be coming sometime this week to fix the washer.

This week, we also went to the other Elders' area- Portal Bordão. We helped them out by doing contacts for a couple hours. It was a district activity. It was really fun, and I'm actually kind of jealous because there were so many interested people over there! Almost everyone we talked to wanted us to go to their house! There were even a couple who wanted us to bring them to church! Oh well. Anyways, still a cool experience going to someone else's area.

As for the shoe problem, they are completely out of use. I am now renting some shoes from Elder Murray for a modest price haha, so that way I'll have something to wear.  It doesn't really look that bad, but trust me- you can't wear them without them falling apart as you walk. I anxiously await for the new shoes you got for me! They look pretty cool!

Well, thanks for all the emails this week, until the next week!


Elder Collins


 Portal Bordão!!

 Elder Holder and part of the house (for some reason he can never make anything less than a devil face haha)

 Epic mission pic: A super cool shot of our district (minus me...)

 A selfie with Elder Murray #missionswag

 The rat we killed! 

 The rat we killed! 

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