Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25, 2016- week 99 of 100- FINAL email of Elder Matthew Collins from the Brazil Piracicaba Mission!

Minha querida família,

Welp, this is it. My last email to you guys on my mission here in Belo Brasil. I can't even believe that this is actually happening. How fast these two years have passed. I can honestly say that going on a mission was one of the best things I ever done in my life. The experiences, things learned, the people I've met. There is no way to describe how I feel about all of this. I am super happy to be here. I've felt the most happiness and most peace that I have ever felt in my life. My testimony of our Savior has grown so much. I understand the power of conversion and how the Gospel can change people's lives. I've seen it so many times in the lives of my recent converts and others who have been affected by the love of our Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son. 

When I get home, you will see the change that the mission has implied on me. I'm still Matthew, but I'm different. haha You guys'll see. I'm pretty pumped up to see all of you. Well, except John haha.
Also, to end out my mission, I had my last baptism this past Saturday. It was of a girl named Nicoli. It was really special. On Sunday she was confirmed and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. 

To answer mom's questions- The most significant and spiritual thing of the past week was definitely the baptism that we had. 

To prepare myself for the day, I follow the schedule in the missionary manual. The best thing about my current companion is probably that he can draw cartoons really well. haha The last time we laughed together was last night when we were saying good morning to everyone instead of good night haha. 

What do I like about my last area- Anhanguera? Well, I love the people and the Ward. Best Ward that I've passed till now. Seriously. All the members here are super friendly and I get a long with them super well. The investigators are super cool too. There is a couple, that unfortunately I will not be able to attend, that will be getting married and also baptized the next month. There's a lot of people here that are all really cool and will definitely have to keep up with them afterwards. 

On the mission, one of the things that just naturally happens is that you begin to love the people that you serve. I love all of the members here and all the people I teach. I just want the best for them.

Well, have a good week everyone! See you all in little more than a week!


Elder Matthew Collins



This cool family.

Some newbies.

At a stake activity.

 This Cristo statue in our area.

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