Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 12, 2016- week 97 of 100- only 3 weeks left in Brazil!!!

Hey Guys!

ONLY 3 WEEKS LEFT TILL I GET HOMEEEEEEE. Sorry for the short email last week. To celebrate the completion of our goal for baptisms for the past month, we had a zone P-Day and churrasco. It was awesome. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos there. I'm kinda sad. 

Anyways, yes we had a meeting with President Bangerter (the next mission president) to get to know him. Half the mission went to the one I went to in Piracicaba. It was super cool to get to know him and Sister Bangerter a little bit better. 

Also, this week now, we will be having a Multizona in SumarĂ©. This will be my last Multizona, which means I will be bearing my testimony for the last time. And, the cool thing is that my first ever multizona was at SumarĂ©. So, both my first and last testimonies will be given at the same place. 

So, about the temple recommend. From what I understand, when President Bangerter does my last interview, he's gonna give me a temporary temple recommend, but then when I get back, I'll have to get a regular temple recommend from the Stake President. 

Also, I think it would be cool to go the temple the same day, if that's possible. Yeah, so now you guys also have the flight itinerary. Wow, I'm gonna get home pretty early in the morning. Just tell me what your guys' plan is for the day (like what you wanted to do). Will I be released at night or in the afternoon?

Well, everything is going well for me here in Campinas. This past week was a little hard for me to be able to focus, but I'm trying to do better. We are going to visit this girl, that I mentioned last week, during this week and we'll see what we can do. I think she will be my last baptism on the mission.

The biggest impact of the week? haha the fact that I'll be going home in 3 weeks. I dunno. I'm starting to see planes everywhere I go. haha

Well, I hope everyone has a good week! Till the next!

Elder Collins


My recent convert Karine!
I don't think you guys will get what's so funny with this...

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