Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015- week 25- New companion- Elder Maxwell, in Brazil!


This week was TRANSFERS! Sorry for the short email last time, btw. But!! I am still here in Sumaré, but this time with Elder Maxwell! He was in my District at the CTM and he's from American Fork, Utah!  Elder Arnson is also in my house as the companion of Elder Firmino. Arnson is from Gilbert, Arizona. Firmino is from Recife, Brazil. 

This week was fast, but we didn't too much. It was more of a "let's get you used to this area first" kind of week. We were able to do a lot of contacts with people and did teach some too, but this week should be better. 

The house is a lot different with two American buddies and only one Brazilian. I'm actually pretty proud to say that it's mostly been Portuguese in the house. I thought we would transition to English "faster than I would run to hug mom upon returning home" hehe (which would be pretty fast btw). But no, we're doing pretty good with speaking Portuguese. It's still going to be a little hard to get that accent down though...

Anyways, this past week was Carnavale, but nothing big happened over here in the Interior of Brazil. If you wanted to see the action, you had to watch tv or go to big cities. The only thing I saw here was last Sunday when this huge trail of people/kind of parade go through Sumaré. There were some fireworks, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Included with this email is a picture of Elder Maxwell and I with some of our investigators. They definitely would not look like the ideal investigators, but they love having us over and hearing what we have to say. They're all tattoo artists, and their names are Kevin, Artur, and Diner (like dinner haha). They're super cool.

Hmm, I think the scripture with the most significant impact that I read this week was probably James 2:19-20.  It really caught me by surprise. Faith, alone, is not enough. Just believing is not enough. Remember, as the scripture says- even the devils and demons believe in Christ; they know of his power, they know who he is and why he's important. But that doesn't mean they're saved. Remember to put your faith into action and do the things that will help us come closer to him.

Well, that's it for this week. Until the next one! Thank you all for the emails! Love you lots!!

Elder Collins

A Photo taken on Sunday by the Ward Mission Leader, Eduardo, in Sumaré Ward, Brazil.  From left to right- Elder Firmino, Elder Collins, Elder Arnson, and Elder Maxwell.
Lago: This cool lake in the other Elders' area.
Noiteda: Every Thursday, the Sumaré Ward has "Noite da Amizade", "Night of Friendship", an activity to get to know the members.
Pesquis: Some of our Investigators- Kevin, Artur, Diner
Saudade: One of the members here loves us and also goes to the states from time and time and returns with goodies!
The CTM gang: Getting the gang back.

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