Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 8, 2014- week 5- last week in the MTC!

Hello family!

This is my last week! Woohoo! Only 5 days left! It feels pretty good to be the oldies in this situation; everyone looks up to us as the veterans. Its pretty funny actually, because only just a couple weeks ago, we were just like them- looking up at the older missionaries with awe and respect. And, as soon as I get into the field, I'm going to be the newbie again haha. Nevertheless, I look forward very much to getting out into the field. I have learned a ton here at the CTM. Both of the gospel, and how to teach it, as well as the Portuguese language. I've come a long ways, and I have a strong testimony of the Gift of Tongues. Its incredible to see it in action, and those who have gone on foreign speaking mission will understand this gift.
Agh, General Conference! Wow, never have I been so excited to view the conference sessions. I learned a lot, and it was also the first time I ever watched all 5 sessions. I loved all of them, but there was a few that stuck out to me, and I'd like to share who gave the talks so you can watch them. My favorites were Lynn G. Robbins, Tad R. Callister, Jorg Klebingat, of course Thomas S. Monson, and also David A. Bednar. I would encourage all of you to watch all of General Conference. I would also like to encourage you to watch Elder Bednar's talk- its is aimed directly towards those who have questions about missionary work. I absolutely loved it, and if I were at home, I would definitely share it on social media and with friends. I extend the invitation to all to watch it.
I don't have much time right now, because we got back from the Sao Paulo temple a little later than usual. Anyways, I always appreciate the emails that I get and love hearing from you guys. Hopefully by next week, or most likely the week after, I will have pictures for you guys! I leave on Tuesday to the campo, so wish me luck!
I love you all and look forward to the next week when I can send another letter.
Elder Collins

(I added 2 photos of Matthew leaving on Sept. 2, 2014 from Orlando to Brazil- JMC)

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