Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October 1, 2014- P-day week 4 email

Hello Family!
There hasn't too much gone on over here in Brazil. Same daily routine, Gospel study, and continuous Portuguese! I feel like I am coming along pretty well with the language. When I skype you, I will make sure to speak Portuguese to you guys. It's a lot different from Portugal Portuguese though haha. Brandon and Melissa's Portuguese is the kinda lame Portuguese; Brazil's is the best of course. Haha just kidding.
Anyways, on Friday, last week, we went proselyting for the first time. We took a city bus to Sao Paulo, but it poured heavy rain over there. We had a great time, though. We were able to give out some Book of Mormons, and they were all really friendly and nice to talk to. Most of them wanted to be left to themselves during the pouring session, though. Nonetheless- a geat missionary experience!
I still cannot wait to get out into the field! Only two more weeks left here! Oh, so the past couple of weeks, we've slowly been having the missionaries drained out of the CTM here, until there was maybe 200-180 of us left, and today we got another batch of missionaries. Over 120 of them! A combination of visa-waiters, Americans, Hispanicos, and Brasileiros. I'm so glad today is my P-Day haha.
I don't know too much of what I'm going to do today. I think I might go with some other missionaries to a McDonalds nearby. I know some other missionaries are going to get sushi, and some others the churrascaria. I just came back from the Sao Paulo temple again. Its about 30 minutes away, but of course, us taking the bus through the city brings it close to 50 minutes. We usually take the bus, but last week we took a van.
As for church here, we have our own branches with maybe three or four districts per. I am in Branch 1, and my Branch President is President Kawai; he's from Japan, but he's super poly-lingual. Its crazy. Anyways, yes I do play piano. As soon as the zone leader found out I could play the piano, he asked me to play for a few of the meetings. I don't play too much, but I can still play the main songs. But, as for any sort of calling, we don't have those really. Just district and zone leaders. My companion is the Zone leader, so we're going to go and visit the new missionaries later tonight.
Yes, my fingers are better. They're still a little purple, but they are fully functional and they don't hurt at all.
By the way, Happy Birthday Dad! I hope you enjoy celebrating the yearly day of your birth! You've been on the Earth for a long time! Haha.
Anyways, I miss you all and love hearing from you. Till next week.
Your brother and son,
Elder Collins

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