Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 11, 2015- week 49- P-day in Poços de Caldas, Brazil!

Hello my beautiful Family!

So this week was super crazy and SUPER busy. I'd say I spent more time traveling to other cities than staying here in Poços and working here.

On Monday and Tuesday, I went to São João and worked there with an Elder named Elder Heviton. He's from Cabo Verde (Africa) and he's from my group!! He's really cool. On Wednesday, I turned 19 years old! On Thursday I woke up 2:30 again to catch a van that drove some 4 hours to Rio Claro where we had the privilege of hearing from one of the seventies- Elder Costa. It was so amazing! I learned a lot with him. He has a ton of awesome stories and is very wise. He's a little GH, or a lot (all the missionaries who went to Brasil know this term), but it's okay because he's just legit.

Anyways, we got back home really late and spent the night with the other Elders in our Zone because we had a Zone meeting the next day. The Stake President gave us a breakfast before the meeting, and then during the meeting, he talked to us and showed his appreciation. It was really cool.

OH ALSO- there is this one member in our Ward that recently went to the United States and brought some stuff back for us! I took a picture of it along with an American Flag made with our ties haha. MURICA!! We were super excited to get it. He tried bringing back Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew, but they blew up in the airplane due to the pressure eesh haha.

Also, exciting news! One of our investigators has committed to a baptismal date for the 23rd of August! He really wants to be baptized and follow Christ. He was kind of disappointed that he couldn't be baptized this past Sunday but he's really excited and he loved church!!

I hope you guys had a great summer over in Florida. Your guys' first summer without me? How was it? haha Well, can't wait to see you guys next summer!

Love you all,
Elder Collins


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