Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 17, 2014- P-day email

Hello Family!
This past week has been really fun! I just got back from the temple down in Sao Paulo! Its actually kind of small, and I heard the Campinas temple is a lot larger. They said that we would probably go there at least twice during our stay here at the CTM, but that we wouldn't know when. Also, I don't have much time to write letters-they only give us 45 minutes-so I'll try my best to write this with as much detail as possible.

So, after I sent that last email to you, my whole district and I went out to go tour the area. We went to Mr. Cheney's and were able to get a free cookie by sending our families a "test letter." I don't know if you guys recieved it or not...Anyways! After that, we went around and found this pretty cool burger place that sells their burgers really cheap- like 4 Reals. Also, a little Portuguese lesson for everyone out there- the r's at the beginning of a word, and any double r's in a word are pronounced as an "H"-interesting, huh. This language is pretty crazy. There's a whole lot of pronounciation differences. So, right by the burger place is a churros stand. They fry it right there and then fill it up with Dulce de Leche! It's really good. Also, everyone here drinks Guarana. Its the national drink here in Brazil, and its really good. We had it once at Epcot at the drink station, if you remember. Today, for P-Day, my whole district is going to go to a Churrascaria. We heard it only costs 7 Reals for one person. 7 REALS!!! Thats like 4 bucks! Way better than paying $50, I'd say.

As for the blog, you may take whatever you'd like from my emails and post in on the site. Some of the stuff I'm writing is directed to you guys, but you can edit it. I don't think I'll send out an automatic update letter to everyone until I get out of the CTM. Here, there's barely any time to write 3 emails. Once I get out into the field, I have as long as I need AND I can upload photos.

Portuguese! Yes, I am very grateful for my background in Spanish. Although it is very different, the conjugation and a lot of the words have a similar base. We speak it everyday, and have classes for 6 hours in total everyday. We also teach "investigators" a lot! We have 2 pesquisadores and 1 menos ativo. We teach them everyday, and so are learning how to plan and study. Being in a trio is kind of hard sometimes, though. My two companions- Elder Bush and Elder David- are both from Utah. Elder Bush went to college for a year, and David just came from high school. They are both really cool. Its going to be quite a change for me when I am put with just one other missionary. I think it will be a whole lot easier though. My district has also gotten really close. We do everything together and know each other well now.

Well, I'm running out of time now, but I would love to get your mailing address. Letters are a lot better in my opinion. They take longer to get to the destination, but I can put a whole lot more in it. Anyways, thank you for the email. I look forward to the next one.


Elder Collins

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