Thursday, September 4, 2014

Elder Collins first email back home!

We received an email yesterday from Elder Collins telling us that he arrived.  I am pretty sure they let all the missionaries send a quick email home to let family know they are safe.  It was great to hear from him!

Sept. 3, 2014
Hello Mom and Dad, Melissa, John, and Sarah!
I have safely arrived here at the CTM in Sao Paulo, so no need to worry! You probably know already, but my first flight from Orlando to Atlanta was delayed by like 30 minutes or so.  When I got to Atlanta, I was able to arrive at my gate safely, but holy cow! There were more than just three missionaries there. There were around 35 of us total, including sister missionaries (and thats not including the other missionaries arriving just a little after we did, here in Sao Paulo). The flight went by quicker than I thought, but I couldn't sleep at all. There was too little room and no comfortable position for me to adjust to.  Anyways, we only just got to the CTM about two hours ago, but we've been able to unpack and take a shower.  I got my tag too!  Apparently, I have two other companions (probably due to an odd number of missionaries), but one of them has not yet arrived. So...I don't have much to say right now, but I am ready to embark on this new and exciting adventure! I love you all and miss you.  Remember to choose the right!
Love from your son and brother,
Elder Collins

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